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Build quality of life

Dissi Construction & Investment LTD has earned its impressive reputation from executing numerous private and commercial projects. Projects are built on the ground values the company has set for itself – credibility, professionalism and uncompromising quality. The company, that started its journey as a building construction company owned by Tareq Dissi, has succeeded over the years to grow and evolve from execution to entrepreneur. Over the years the company has gained extensive experience and has become an integral part in the process of changing the standards of building and regulations in the field. Today the company integrates building and design of residential projects, while incorporating urban renewal through pinoy binuy complects and TAMA 38. The company holds the highest contraction classification - 5G' which means unlimited restrictions that allow us to build in any scale and in any financial scope.

Tarek Dissi
Dissi Group CEO

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Quality construction without compromises

In the last few decades, the company built over 1,500 residential units according to the meticulous and uncompromising building standards.
The company has incredible abilities and skills to find great business opportunities and cooperate with diverse companies while keeping meticulous schedules - all to maintain high quality of the final product. A glance to our diverse past projects, including Sasi Agamim – Netanya, Sun Valley – Beit Shemesh and Elkabetz & Homat Shmuel – Jerusalem, shows how dozens of luxurious residential units got quickly populated with thousands of satisfied residents.
Moreover, Dissi Construction & Investment LTD is working in cooperation with the biggest entrepreneur companies in the country that lead and excel in their own field, such as Bne brak shikun ve yazamu LTD, Nave shamir shikun ve yazamu Ltd and Sasi Kablanim Ltd.

Financial stability

Financial stability and economic strength allow the company to obtain high bank funding. The use of advanced building techniques, alongside a listing of first-rate professionals including engineers, architects, lawyers, economists and accountants with an emphasis on strict safety protocols have allowed the company to successfully promote its projects over the years.


A wide variety of projects

The company has constructed over 1,500 housing units in Israel


Financial stability

Financial stability that enables to be eligible for bank support

Handheld and three stars

Uncompromising service

Professional dependability and quality without compromise

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