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Urban Renewal

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Dissi Construction and Investments Ltd. specializes in various urban renewal projects, especially TAMA 38/1 and TAMA 38/2 projects, which means demolishing and rebuilding various buildings throughout the country. These projects require in-depth knowledge of the bureaucracy involving the authorities and other relevant parties. Moreover, these projects require sensitivity, inclusion and understanding of the residents’ needs as they are full partners in the success of the projects.

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Why Tama?

Enhancing and following all the latest standards

In contrast to TAMA 38/1 projects that improve the appearance of a building by adding balconies and elevators and strengthening it against earthquakes, TAMA 38/2 project has a totally different purpose. It involves the demolition of an existing building in order to rebuild it in better and higher quality conditions while adapting it to the latest standards according to the law in the construction industry.

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Why with us?

Strong personal relationships and long-lasting buildings

From renowned architects, leading engineers, experienced lawyers and accountants to collaborations with highly classified contracting companies and more, Dissi Construction and Investments Ltd. commits to meet the highest industry standards by working together with the most experienced parties in the industry.
Thanks to these standards, Dissi Construction and Investments Ltd. is one of the most well-known, reliable, and prestigious real estate companies in Israel. Everything we do is based on reliability, uncompromising quality, and professionalism. We specialize in preserving the appearance of buildings and strengthening their structures by utilizing the world's most advanced construction technologies. We guarantee meticulous results that will last for decades to come

The benefits of Tama 38 & Pinui Binui program

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Increasing the apartment

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Upgrade parking infrastructure

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Elegant lobby with meticulous design

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A modern elevator for the building

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New infrastructure

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Strengthening the building structure

Timelines for urban renewal project process

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Opening a file
Conditional permit
Building permit
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Why with us?

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Attentive to you

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Performing this in our DNA

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Financial resilience and economic strength

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Quality professionals

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